Dinner Party,
but in a cozy home.

Private dining rooms & kitchens* for your intimate gatherings.
Start hosting private dinners, lively cocktail parties, or sizzling BBQs with friends, family, or your network.

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An industrial kitchen
Living room of a home hosted on C&D
Outdoor patio of a home hosted on C&D
White Kitchen of a home hosted on C&D
Shabby Chic living room of a home hosted on C&D
Grand Piano in a home hosted on C&D
Painted Artistic Backyard of a home hosted on C&D
Pool table of a home hosted C&D
*Currently Only in New York 🗽

Have you ever felt ...

Not having enough home space?

Hosting dinners in smaller apartments or with roommates can be like fitting a square peg in a round hole, leading to compromises for group sizes.

Finding Private Venues expensive?

Privatising restaurants/bars can be expensive, restricting the frequency and size of your gatherings. Turning having dinner gatherings into a rare and costly luxury.

Lacking intimacy when going out?

Dining out can often lack the homely atmosphere you desire. The noise and the difficulty in conversing with everyone at your table can lead to a less connected social experience.

How we solve this at CocktailAndDinner.

A private space, just for you.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy a pleasant and cozy atmosphere for your gathering.
Dining room of a songwriter hosted on C&D
Fort Greene, Kings County, NY

A Fully-equipped kitchen

Have all the necessary tools & appliances to make it easy for you to host your dinner.

The whole night reserved

Monday->Thursday and Sunday: 6pm to 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 6pm to 12am

Unique interiors & sceneries, at affordable prices.

Picture yourself serving food in stunning interiors and spaces, previously inaccessible to the public, now opened for your exclusive use. From $10-$40 per person.
Rooftop View of a home hosted on C&D
Crown Heights, Kings County, NY

Our event spaces are perfect for ...

Young Urban professionals

Recently relocated to the city for a corporate job and keen on establishing meaningful connections with their new social circle.

Foodies or BBQ lovers

In search of a warm and welcoming environment to experiment with new recipes from social media or blogs.

Community dinners

Tech dinners, pre and post-conference dinners, or charity dinners seeking to establish a physical connection with their network.

Corporate dinners

Companies looking for team building, employee appreciation, retirement, celebration, or holiday dinners. To bond and socialise outside of the office.
People having dinner on a terrace during summer
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how it works

Select a space.

Enjoy our vast selection of verified homes.

Multiple options across different price range.

Filter by needs. Whether you're hosting a barbecue outside or treating yourself to a warm dinner indoors.

Look of inside the app
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Host confirms your reservation.

Provide context to your booking and ask any questions you may have to make your gathering a success.
Chat feature of our platform
how it works

Bring your food and groceries and get welcomed by the host.

Your host will give you instructions on how to use the kitchen equipment and where things are located in the kitchen.
People being welcomed by the homeowner of a C&D space
how it works

We take care of the clean up.

A cleaning person will come at the end of your event to do an inventory check and clean up the space for the host.
Cleaning Gloves

So what are you waiting for? 😉

C&D is quickly becoming the go-to solution for those seeking a better way to host events, and the numbers don't lie - a growing community of satisfied users attests to its success in redefining event hosting experiences.

As part of our mission to democratize access to space for all, we are dedicated to ensuring affordability for every budget: Prices range from $10 to $40 per person, covering both space and cleaning.
People having dinner on a terrace during summer